Why outsourced teams are accelerating your product development.
How we improve the ergonomics of a complex device

Why outsourced teams are accelerating your product development.
How we improve the ergonomics of a complex device

To accelerate product development, product companies can turn to outsourced developers for narrow competencies. Thus, they get quick access to the necessary expertise for specific tasks. And the device will be given new values for end user. We will show on the example of improving the ergonomics of the operator’s workplace of the road marking machine “Kontur 1500” LLC “STiM”

We were faced with an optimization task:

–  convenience of the operator’s exit from the workplace
– convenient loading of components for marking into the machine

Issues that are important to consider:

 – the operator’s cab is not rigidly fixed. It moves to the left or right of the machine axis to control the marking

 – under the cab, there is technological equipment for applying markings, including hoses that the operator must not step on.         

We have prepared a number of cardinal and evolutionary proposals. We stopped at the latter. Kontur 1500 has a small series so far, so the implementation of cardinal proposals would be too expensive and complicated. The cost of solving the problem should not be higher than the cost of the problem itself.

We conducted ergonomic research and deduced the stride range for different percentiles *. For this, we have introduced additional handrails along the vertical cab pillars in order to maximize the coverage of users with different anthropometric data.

What we suggested:

  – retractable panton with reclining steps (like a gangway)

  – ladder on the console, reclining in the direction of travel

What we did

  1. Changed operator’s position and improved visibility.
  2. Regrouped devices and controls according to the principle of zoning, functional groups, and frequency of use. Frequently used tools are placed in a zone of maximum comfort, less in access zones, rarely used in a zone of reach.
  3. Made an extended footboard for loading materials with a special storage niche. It is retracted inside the cab from both sides, depending on which side of the axis the cab is brought out to.



We used technologies that are available to our Customer. The availability of components during the purchase was also taken into account, so as not to expand the nomenclature base.

As a result:

The device has acquired a new look and new values for the user (operator) of the machine. The performance characteristics of the product have increased. It has become more comfortable to work with device.


This became possible because external development teams have narrow cross-industry competencies. And the Customer had quick access to it. As a result, his product gained additional competitive advantages and became more valuable for the consumer.

Does your project lack developers with narrow industry expertise? Don’t rush to hire them. Narrow expertise is not needed for every project, and you simply cannot load your employee. If the need arises, just get in touch with us!

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