Why the products will never be eternal 

 Why eternal products will never be 

The main result of engineering is a product that does its main function. Industrial design helps to connect aesthetics and functionality through the transformation of materials.

All structures are based on available materials, processing technologies, as well as methods of synthesizing the function of the product. It all influences the shape and appearance. Processing technologies and achievements of the main function are changing, while materials, in many ways, remain static.

Recreation of the products in old forms using modern ways it’s pointless because this solution leads the products to a dummy replica.

Those products that were created decades and centuries ago created in these ways due to the technological capabilities of that time. Modern product design should be based on the most promising technologies that should move into shaping. Reproduction of original products of the past in modern technologies turns them into a remake, losing their functional and historical meaning.

One of the problems of modern design is defining the most promising materials and technologies which is a push for experiments and the search for new forms.

In carrying out conceptual design projects, we are always set up for experiments. Our team is constantly studying and applying new approaches to material processing.

Images: Stanislav Ameltchenko, Dmitry Sikorsky
Text: Verdesta team

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