When a product
saves lives.
Baby Camera Project

When a product saves lives. Baby Camera Project

Baby Camera is one of our new projects aimed not only at improving the quality of life but also save it. This is one example of the implementation of our service for generating new products.

Baby Camera is designed for monitoring babies, and one of the main tasks of the device is to minimize Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Previously, the number of cases of SDIC ranged from 2 per 1000 newborns. After the Back to Sleep campaign, there was a decrease in cases to 0.5 per 1000.

Having plunged into the topic, we realized that with the help of neural networks and machine vision, we can reduce the influence of a number of risk factors for SDS:

  • Sleeping on the stomach is one of the main
  • Excessive wrapping
  • Unreasonable respiratory or cardiac arrest
  • Changes in baby’s body temperature

The “smart” Baby Camera sensor helps to monitor the temperature, and the neural network – to the baby’s breathing, which allows you to fix dangerous changes in time and provide assistance. In addition, visual control through the phone application allows you to track the position of the baby – the parent will receive a signal if the baby is lying on his stomach. Also, parents can watch the child in real-time, wherever they are.

The camera is implemented with a stand, which makes it mobile and convenient. Over time, the camera can be used as a video baby monitor, access to which for a grown-up active child will be limited, since the device is not attached to the crib. The kit also includes a docking station with a battery for installation on furniture, making the product more versatile and portable. The parts of the chamber are made in such a way that they are large blocks that would not get into the digestive or respiratory systems of the child. The base of the stand is designed so that the camera will not tip over. Height adjustment is possible. The camera itself rotates along the vertical axis and tilt angle.

Baby Camera is more of a mini-server that collects and processes data. This functionality begins with the camera itself, which not only captures what is happening but also immediately analyzes everything that it “sees”, based on the algorithms embedded in it. BabyCamera can work without an Internet connection – the device will make three automatic calls in case of danger to the child’s life. Parents, the rescue service, and a special support server in the region will receive the message and geolocation.

Creating new products, we set the task to ourselves of not only productive interaction with the customer to obtain customer-focused, but also, at least, changing the world for the better. We strive to ensure that our developments save as many lives as possible and improve their quality. If you have an idea that can do this, and you are ready to turn it into reality, just contact us.

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