Secondary Seal
Extruder Pistol

Secondary Seal Extruder Pistol

During the operation of the existing device, important comments related to usability were identified: incorrect grip ergonomics; pain syndrome of wrist fatigue when working with a device for a long time — snacking on soft tissues of phalanges with a trigger when working, as well as spoiling protective equipment (gloves) — problems of production technologies.

In this case, we need to adjust the ergonomics of the product — adapt to the structure of the hand.

A model of the future product was made based on the comments we identified on the use of the pistol. We have made qualitative changes to the new product, thus improving its functionality. After that, there was a 3D modeling stage, after that we made renders.


What were the changes?

As for ergonomics, we revised shape to improve ergonomic performance; rounded grip to improve grip, and changed the configuration of the handle connected to the device housing, which ensured the safety of use.

As for design, we added a logo to increase customer brand awareness, nickel the handle, and introduced black anodization of the product body.

The customer is currently preparing for the mass production of the product.

Images: Alexey Shimchik
Text: Verdesta team

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