Scratch Tool

Premium tool kit for professional and passionate creators

Scratch Tool

Premium tool kit for professional and passionate creators


In our work, we make many layouts of future products to demonstrate our ideas in the real world. It is better to hold it in your hands once than to look at the picture many times.
Sculpting from plastic materials is still one of the few available ways to find shape and scale, which makes it possible to dynamically model and implement a solution in shape.
We felt the need for a convenient and reliable modeling tool. Many existing tools did not meet our requests. Stacks and scrapers made of wood and plastic showed their instability in front of our artistic and engineering ambitions. After seeing this problem, we made the first stacks for ourselves. At the same time, we talked with our colleagues and sculptors to find out which tools are most effective at work. During the consultations, we identified:
– every master uses homemade stacks
– modifies dental equipment for himself
– the instruments are similar and can be industrially reproduced
– favorite instrument – light instrument
– the material must be easy to clean and durable
All this led us to the following decision: we need to create a practical stack of hard and light materials, the stack should lie as comfortably as possible in both hands, have a reliable connection between the working part and the handle, and be able to sharpen.


The main idea of ​​the product is the reliability of the instrument, which would not fail at the moments of realization of creative inspiration (that is, the instrument must be very strong).
For the sake of reliability, we did not want to sacrifice the lightness of the product, since professionals can work with the tool for more than 8 hours a day.
The stack should be an organic continuation of the hand and not injure the hand during work. These factors influenced the choice of material for the stack.
The functional requirements for the final product influenced the choice of material.
The first visualization of the idea was made from waste aluminum and food-grade stainless steel. Each subsequent iteration made its own adjustments to refine the shape and composition of the instrument.


Of course, creating a product for a narrow professional field cannot do without expert advice. Scratch Tool was developed by sculptors whose works have long become an organic part of urban spaces in our country and beyond.

The experts shared with us the deep nuances of working with various materials and their vision of the ideal professional tool.
Important issues requiring the expertise of technologists and engineers are:
– What material to make stacks from?
– Where to produce them?
– What are the manufacturing technologies that will ensure the required quality?
– etc.


Before starting the computer simulation, we already had a sufficient number of samples made from sheet steel and aluminum. Some craftsmen have provided us with their personal tools as samples.

Having collected enough information, we proceeded to sketch and sketching concepts of several types of stacks and loops; selected the most promising, in our opinion, samples for subsequent computer modeling.

After the computer rendering of our samples, we started 3D printing prototypes. But beauty doesn’t mean practical. Our tool turned out to be better on renders than in real life – it was not very convenient for creativity, so we continued our search. After all, we strive to ensure that amateurs feel more confident at the beginning of their creative path. As for professionals, we want to improve their abilities, using our tool as an extension of the artist’s hand and thought.


Iteration after iteration, we got closer to our benchmark. The number of tools increased, which expanded the boundaries of creativity and the ability to work with a wide range of materials to solve creative problems of any complexity. In addition, the stacks acquired their own aesthetic, which we tried to enhance with presentable packaging. It helps you organize your workspace in the best way.
Also, such a set of tools can be an excellent gift for a person who is interested in sculpting from plasticine, clay, etc.
We are currently in the pre-production phase. The Scratch Tool is an aesthetic and functional set of tools that will make beginners more confident and professionals more focused on creativity.

If you have any questions regarding our project — do not hesitate us contact us via


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Images: Dmitry Sikorsky
Text: Verdesta team

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