Our projects

Our projects

When a product saves lives. Baby Camera Project

Accent dynamic lighting. FireFly lamp project story

The future of MedTech

More than aesthetics. Design in the development of medical devices

Conceptual design as a market research technology

Cocktail machine. Side-projects as a business driver

Mainline unmanned truck design project

A new vision of familiar things. Really smart kettle

 Creation of a niche product in terms of entropy

Free energy market. Discharge stations

Scratch Tool

Premium tool kit for professional and passionate creators. For all.

How not to drown in the cloud of solutions and not go into the endless design

Our steps, fails, and conclusions on the creation of anthropometric shapes.

Secondary Seal Extruder Pistol

Improved pistol for the secondary sealing extruder.

How conceptual product design helps to fight against viruses?

Story of creating the concept of a disinfection barrier

 Why eternal products will never be

 What should modern design be based on?


Sketchy visualization of the general idea of product