New product

in three months.

Bactericidal UV-C Air Purifier for premises

New product in three months.

Bactericidal UV-C Air Purifier for premises

Household air disinfector NF is a project developed for JSC “ENEF”.  NF is used in rooms for air disinfection in the presence of people, pets, and indoor plants. It took three months from idea to production. As a result, aesthetic, safe, and efficient device that is competitively priced in its niche.

Product development begins with determining its place in the market. JSC “ENEF” conducted marketing research, based on which wishes were put forward for a future product:

  • “price-quality” ratio;
  • various installation options: floor-standing, table-top, wall-mounted;
  • availability of a digital control panel;
  • consistency of design for a different performance of air volume;
  • safety: preventing the release of ultraviolet radiation from the device;
  • minimal dustiness of the room while the device is working;
  • the ability to brand the device and sell it as an ODM product.

The results of the marketing research helped to form the functional requirements for the product. We have prepared a technical proposal showing how we can meet these requirements. The product should be simple and ergonomic, without raising dust and making noise. Then, based on the technical proposal, our vision was formalized into a specification for technical requirements. It is a key artifact for the successful implementation of the project.

Our solution:  air intake from the side edges and the outlet of cleaned air from the top of the device at an angle of 45 degrees from the front edge. The noise level is 37 dB, like a muffled conversation.

At the design stage, was created a product lineup. We also looked for solutions that reduce assembly labor and device costs.

Speed of product development and its launch on the market also depends on the speed of decision-making by the Customer. The path from idea to production took 3 months. ENEF promptly provided constructive feedback on our design projects, renders, sketches, etc.

Purpose of the device:

  • air disinfection;
  • reduction of the number of microorganisms in the air;
  • prevention of infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.


  • mobility. You can choose the cable length you want (IEC power connector). Wall mountable;
  • low noise level and dust accumulation inside the device due to air intake through the side openings from the bottom and outlet from the top at an angle;
  • warning light (lamp or filter replacement);
  • change of operating mode speeds (“Night mode”);
  • product lineup for different room dimensions and control and indication options from classic to touchscreen display;
  • bactericidal efficiency is not less than 99%.

The NF air disinfector is registered for sale in the EEU markets, and the necessary certificates have also been obtained. The product has been put into production and is already waiting for its user. The device can also be branded to match the client’s interior, change the color and apply a logo. Most importantly, clean air is always available. Go about your business at home or in the office, receive clients in a beauty salon or fitness center while NF is working!

This project is one more example in our portfolio when cooperation gives a result that positively exceeds the expectations of both parties. We are giving a full solution in new product development. It gives you the opportunity to control all stages of its creation on one development line.

Do you have an idea that needs to be put to market? Just contact us!

More information about the NF device can be found on the Customer’s website.

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