Free energy market

Discharge stations

Free energy market

Discharge stations

The proliferation of electric vehicles on the market should shake the established perception of the power system and our energy consumption habits. In this article, we’ll take a look at the possibilities of electric vehicles from an unexpected angle. In our studio, the strongest competence is the creation of conceptual product design. And we will show you the concept of the discharge stations, as well as explain why it is needed.

Energy consumption is nonlinear during the year, as well as during the day. To equalize fluctuations in the short-term load on power systems, we are encouraged to increase electricity consumption at night by reducing tariffs, for example, for heating of premises.

Private energy and the sale of electricity into the common grid have no development potential due to problems associated with power fluctuations during the day. The problem of uneven distribution appears. This leads to large downtime of production capacities.

The development of local ecological energy generators solves the problem locally. We can cover the need for electricity consumption, for example, for a house and charging an electric car.

The emergence of a mobile electricity carrier in the form of an electric vehicle allows the formation of a free energy market.

We use a car, on average, 5% of the time of day. The rest of the time the electric car can be used as a power bank. At the time of downtime, it performs two functions:

– slow accumulation from low-power generators at low tariffs,

– the return of energy to peaks of uneven consumption in another geolocation.

As a result, we can sell our electricity to enterprises where we work or to industries where there is a high cyclical need for energy resources.

This paradigm changes the perception and requirements for charging stations, generators, sources of consumption, and, of course, for electric vehicles.


  • Uniform distribution of electricity by large power plants.
  • Development opportunity for eco-energy as a private business.
  • The free market for energy resources is formed, which will positively affect the work of industrial enterprises.
  • The solution will allow transferring the expensive issue of maintaining electronic storage to the population.
  • Maximum load of privately-owned power generators.

This project is conceptual, and it was developed as a study of the development of the enterprise’s energy infrastructure.


Images: Valery Martynenko
Text: Verdesta team

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