Creation of a niche product in terms of entropy

 Intercom system concept 

Creation of a niche product in terms of entropy

Intercom system concept

Many high-rise buildings, which have been built in CIS-countries, are equipped with intercom systems. The main task of such systems is to open the front door to the entrance. In this article, we want to take a look at intercom systems from a different angle.

These intercom systems are budget-friendly — they don’t have video channels but have features such as voice communication, a door open button, and an off-hook.

We have identified the following disadvantages of such intercom systems:

  • These systems are used with low frequency, but if the user has no opportunity to contact the subscriber, experience negative emotions.
  • Intercoms are also often used by robbers to check for the presence of someone in an apartment.
  • The user has almost no alternative if he (she) wants to change the subscriber handset.
  • Renovation of the collective use system is a difficult process because of the low ability to negotiate with the residents of the entrance between each other.

Investigating the shortcomings, we found that most users who pay attention to these issues have an uninterrupted connection to their home Wi-Fi network. Also, this audience constantly uses smartphones and attaches great importance to the interior design of the apartment.

To minimize the flaws of these systems mentioned above, we offer the following solution: a subscriber terminal with the ability to connect to the most common intercom systems, made in options such as hidden and external installation. 

The terminal is connected to the home Internet network, and the app on the user’s mobile phone becomes the main control interface. There is also the possibility of remote control and voice communication – the user can answer the call to the front door and open it, even if he (she) is far outside the apartment.

This project remained in the sales funnel as its ROI did not meet our expectations. Conceptual design helps to explore the benefits of a product, identify its shortcomings, and change the vision for its development.

Images: Valery Martynenko
Text: Verdesta team

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