Sketchy visualization of the general idea of product


Sketchy visualization of the general idea of product

Seismic activity monitoring complex with a warning system

Quickly mounted portable device equipped with electronics of the latest generation. Implemented reliable and cheap mechanics solutions

Portable card reader

Portable credit card reader with the interface of connection to mobile phone

High power dot — combinatorial LED lamp 

Device for the creation of light effects and illumination of buildings. Lineup for 1, 3, 5 px.
It is possible to connect to an ensemble of thousands of pixels for displaying images in HD format on large buildings, as well as a complex
A moisture control system is also provided, so these lamps can be used in winter and summer outdoor

Autopsy Scanner

3-D tomography device for the forensic procedure, post-mortem autopsy and body examination

UWB-tags storage

UWB-tags charging storage system

The interface of interaction with UWB-tags

UWB-tag construction device

Device concept for oral state self-diagnostics

Many people are afraid of dentists. This device concept is the result of collaboration with hardware and software developers teams. The work of the device provides by built-in camera and backlight, as well as interfacing with a smartphone. The application makes real-time observing of the oral cavity via your smartphone and indicates for the user the area examined and problem areas

Software interface for oral state self-diagnostics

Software which helps for self-diagnostics | Self-Diagnostic Software

Pocket Coach — your ice skating trainer

This product consists of sensors that collect the data from a rolling body. The system allows you to analyze the position of the limbs and body, to correct and improve the skating technique

Design of a teapot operating on the principle of a thermos

Long-term retention of liquid temperature and energy savings. The device is made of environmentally friendly materials with high processing depth, safe for human health

ENT harvester

The workstation of an ENT-doctor for the provision of multidisciplinary medical care in one office. The value of this station: 1) for the manufacturer – cost reduction, the possibility of localization, mobility, and compactness; 2) for the patient – one point of consultation, diagnosis, and surgery