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The full solution in new product development  from consumer devices to complex equipment
and beyond

Latest projects and insights

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How industrial design improves sales.
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Our expertise

Industrial design

Design engineering processes, aimed at improving consumer qualities of the product


Production of samples and prototypes

Engineering development

Development of design and engineering documentation for complex technical products with kinematics, electronics and software

Generation of new product

Creating customer-focused product design and development strategy

We can help 


– Gain expertise in product development processes
– Boost the turnover of investments in the development of a new product by increasing the flow of simultaneously developed products and reducing the development time
– Obtaining new product properties via design and aesthetics
– Strengthening own development divisions
– Catalyzing the development of the production and technological base
– Solving the problem of recruitment, training, and employee’s workflow


– Project execution in case of shortage of internal developers
– Addition of missing competencies of the internal development team
– Full delegation of the development function


– Boost of product development
– Generating technical advantages of the product
– Additional product values for consumer
– Aesthetics, and ergonomics of the use cases
– Giving new properties to products – Predictable time and budget for development


– Fast idea visualization
– Team outstaffing
– Rapid prototyping
– Marketing based on conceptual design